About Me

My name is Christi Murphy, and my studio is based in Louisville, KY.

Sculpting and painting are the direct result of another creative passion of mine - decorating cakes (Stir Crazy Cakes). For the past 25 years,  I have molded fondant into babies, animals, people, cars, and all sorts of whimsy.  Personalized figures tell a story, time stamps a special occasion, and creates long-lasting memories for years to come.  Painting fondant and cakes is also an art I have come to love.  Taking it from confections to glass or clay is most of the fun.  Seeing an idea become a reality is so fulfilling.  And seeing the smile on someone's face for receiving a truly thoughtful, handmade gift is something I sure wanted to be a part of. 

So am I new to sculpting?  Not by a long shot.  Whether I am sculpting fondant or scultping clay, the end result is the same.  Incredible cuteness, lots of smiles, and making speical moments "extra special"!  I handcraft cake toppers, figurines, and glasses. More products will soon follow in upcoming months. 

All of the images in my gallery are my work and just a sample of what I can do.  And for your personal information and as a testimony to my work ethic and dedication, I will include a link to my cake website.  Seeing my level of commitment to create works of art hopefully speaks to you as a testament to my work.  (Stir Crazy Cakes, LLC - www.stircrazycakes.com)

  I would be honored to create a special keepsake especially for you!  I look forward to the possibility of creating a special piece for you.

Christi Murphy, LLC

"unique gifts handcrafted
for life's special moments"