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Christi Murphy, LLC

"unique gifts handcrafted for life's special moments"
About Me

My name is Christi Murphy, and my studio is based in Louisville, KY.

Sculpting and painting are the direct result of another creative passion of mine - decorating cakes (Stir Crazy Cakes). For the past 25 years,  I have molded fondant into babies, animals, people, cars, and all sorts of whimsy.  Personalized figures tell a story, time stamps a special occasion, and creates long-lasting memories for years to come.  Painting fondant and cakes is also an art I have come to love.  Taking it from confections to glass or clay is most of the fun.  Seeing an idea become a reality is so fulfilling.  And seeing the smile on someone's face for receiving a truly thoughtful, handmade gift is something I sure wanted to be a part of. 

So am I new to sculpting?  Not by a long shot.  Whether I am sculpting fondant or scultping clay, the end result is the same.  Incredible cuteness, lots of smiles, and making speical moments "extra special"!  I handcraft cake toppers, figurines, and glasses. More products will soon follow in upcoming months. 

All of the images in my gallery are my work and just a sample of what I can do.  And for your personal information and as a testimony to my work ethic and dedication, I will include a link to my cake website.  Seeing my level of commitment to create works of art hopefully speaks to you as a testament to my work.  (Stir Crazy Cakes, LLC - www.stircrazycakes.com)

  I would be honored to create a special keepsake especially for you!  I look forward to the possibility of creating a special piece for you.