Taking good care of you means the people around you will receive the best of you, rather than what's left of you.
Like a BUTTERFLY , I am growing and changing and finding my TRUE COLORS in life.   I    am TRANSFORMING, finding my WINGS, and going HIGHER and HIGHER.
Group Meditation
This class is for anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate and find the stillness within, regardless of background or belief. You will learn how to relax your mind, sharpen your concentration, and generally begin feeling more energized and refreshed. Meditation will also provide you with new tools for dealing with stress/anxiety and help you to overcome negative states of mind such as anger and depression - and instead cultivate a positive mindset of patience, forgiveness, and love.

Rainbow Blossom
Mondays(starting 8/07/17)
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Free of Charge
3046 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY

If you would like to host a meditation event, please contact me.  Minimum group requirement - 5 participants for a 60-minute facilitated meditation.  Group price is dependent on location (distance traveled from home office). 

Locations for off-site groups subject to approval.
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