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Carved Egg Artistry

Carved XL Chicken Egg Shell
Size - 2 1/4" - 2 3/8"


CASH & CARRY - sales tax included

(1) egg - $20.00
(2) eggs - $38.00 ($19.00/each) 
(3) eggs - $54.00 ($18.00/each) 
(4) eggs - $66.00 ($16.50/each) 
(5) eggs - $75.00 ($15.00/each)

(10) eggs - $130.00 ($13.00/each) 

I offer my products for reduced rate at local events because I am using less materials in shipping containers, boxes, and shipping costs.  If you are interested in taking advantage of the above listed prices, please click "here" to see a list of dates and locations.


INCLUDES SHIPPING, SALES TAX, & decorative metal gift container for each egg!

(1) egg - $24.00
(2) eggs - $46.00 ($23.00/each)
(3) eggs - $66.00 ($22.00/each)
(4) eggs - $84.00 ($20.50/each)
(5) eggs - $95.00 ($19.00/each)

Online Store

Most items can be shipped out next day.  However, if large quantities are ordered, it may take 2 - 3 days to fill/ship.  You can contact me with any questions by clicking HERE

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"Cascading Dots"
Item Description
"Holy Moly Dots"

An egg is not just an egg.  "Art is about bending things most people see as a straight line."

Christi Murphy, LLC
Carved Egg Shell Art
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Christi Murphy, LLC
Blown Eggs - 1 Dozen
XL Chicken - $17.00
Item Description
"Teardrop Dots"
Item Description
"Delicate Lace & Flowers"

Design Options:
1.  All lace/flowers
2.  Lace/flowers with HEART
3.  Lace/flowers with CIRCLE
Quantity/Price - Shipping & Tax Included!
List Item Description for each
Item Description
"Open Lace"
Item Description
"Feline Friends"

Color Options:
1.  Blue
2.  Brown/Green
3.  Brown/Pink
Item Description
"Dog Silhouette"

Color Options:
1.  Blue Collar
2.  Green Collar
3.  Pink collar
4.  Purple Collar
Item Description
"Cancer Support Ribbon"

Color Options:
1.  Pink - represents breast cancer
2.  Purple - represents all cancers
3.  Special Order another ribbon color
Item Description
More Designs Being Uploaded 9/11/19

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