Lymphedema and Self-Care
Taking good care of you means the people around you will receive the best of you, rather than what's left of you.
Stress Buster #1:  Meditation
For years, a very good friend continued to advise me to begin a regular meditation program.  I kindly accepted his advice, yet never immersed myself completely in the practice.  I was either
Like a BUTTERFLY , I am growing and changing and finding my TRUE COLORS in life.   I    am TRANSFORMING, finding my WINGS, and going HIGHER and HIGHER.
One of the most common ways to aggravate lymphedema is overexertion. Doing something your body isn’t used to - such as shoveling snow, walking all around Disney World, cooking a large meal, or gardening, can take a toll on your lymphedema. Be aware of the signs your body is giving you. Don't push yourself beyond your limits. It’s OK to take breaks and even ask for help! Get your zzzz's. Rest is an essential part of taking care of you and your lymphedema.
Adquate rest
Proper nutrition & hydration
Exercise (swimming, walking, elliptical)
Proper Fitting Compression Garments
Light strength training
Deep breathing

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