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Tarot for Life: 
"Everyday Growth & Guidance"

A great reading is both informative and inspiring. It leads you to a greater understanding of your inner and outer worlds, gives you the opportunity to look deeply into all of your relationships, and then helps you to balance yourself in a way that feels honest and whole. Believing that messages are all around us, tarot cards, in their rich symbolism, can surely guide you in your journey.

I’ll work closely with you to reveal exactly where you are right now, how you got here, and where to best focus your energy. In a kind and loving way, we’ll explore opportunities for clearing obstacles on your path by focusing on and activating your natural abilities.

Using this approach, we can begin
weaving together a plan that works best for you. It’s my hope that the lessons gained from your reading will carry into your life in a way that supports profound growth for your spirit, mind, heart, and body.

Sessions are available in-person, over the telephone, and on skype by appointment. I would be honored to assist you on your path.
Tarot Readings

The Tarot is an excellent way of gaining a fresh perspective on your life, or on a specific situation. It can shed new light on old emotional problems, negative aspects of relationships, suggest parts of your life or personality you are neglecting, and help you to make more balanced, insightful decisions, going into the future. The Tarot is a superb analysis tool for getting a clear, detached view of what you are doing right now, and where you are heading.

What happens during a reading?
A Tarot reading is basically a very simple process. A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each of which has a specific meaning associated with it. To perform a reading, the cards have to be shuffled and then laid out in a specific pattern. Each card represents the energy surrounding you currently, your past influences, and probable future based on this information. A full session lasts about 40 minutes and you are encouraged to record the session so you can listen back later if you wish. My aim is that at the end of a reading clients will have a lot of new information which they can then apply to make good decisions about what they are doing in their lives. A Tarot reading should leave a client feeling as though they have a much better grip on what is happening in their life, and why they currently feel the way they do. Hopefully this will allow them to make fast and effective progress in whatever areas of their life most concern them.
When should I get a reading?
- When you feel stuck in a rut, or directionless - the Tarot can be very effective at suggesting new directions you could be exploring, or what unfinished business you have that is holding you in your current position.
- When starting a new phase in your life - some people like to have a Tarot reading close to their birthday, or other significant event, as they feel it’s a time when they are moving on to a new stage of their life.
- If you are struggling with a part of yourself, or your life, and wish for new insight- the Tarot is an effective way of getting a new perspective on old situations, or suggesting what issues you need to address about your relationships, attitudes towards areas of your life, etc.
- When considering a major decision - you should not expect a Tarot reading to make a decision for you. However, a reading can highlight the most important issues to consider, suggest possible consequences of particular directions, and even suggest factors that haven’t been considered properly.

Fortune telling?
Tarot is not fortune telling. We all have free will and choice and the ability to shape our futures. Tarot gives us a way to visualize our smoothest route forward, a way to pre-empt our challenges and obstacles, and to imagine solutions to problems before they even happen. A Tarot reading is similar to a weather forecast - it’ll tell you what’s happening now and what may lie ahead. But we all know how the weather changes… Tarot gives you a heads up on when to pack your “life” umbrella!

I think a lot of people are attracted to fortune telling because they wish for reassurance that comes from being told that things are basically going to work out okay. But being told what is going to happen must surely reduce one’s sense of control over their own life and may encourage them to abdicate responsibility for what happens to them. My readings are dedicated towards showing people the influences acting in their life and giving them insight on how to take control of them. I may warn of possible consequences of actions they currently have planned, but the point in doing so is to give people the opportunity to change their direction, take control, and form a future that they choose of their own accord.

During a tarot reading, where does the guidance come from?
Deep within the subconscious lie the answers and solutions to all our questions and issues. Accessing this information however, is
usually not that simple. This is because we have over time and evolution, lost our connection with our inner-self.

From the moment the client decides to have a reading, the subconscious comes into play. We rely too heavily on our conscious to
make decisions and to get us through our life. We have been conditioned to only believe what we can see, hear, smell, taste or feel.
Tarot is a tool for empowerment, coaching, creativity, business planning, relationship guidance, and regaining balance in all areas
of your life.

What happens if you don't follow advice given in a tarot reading?
No worries. A tarot consultation gives guidance only.Ultimately, any action taken is up to you.

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3. No tarot reading given by Christi Murphy is intended to, nor should it ever take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business, or psychological.
4. Christi Murphy accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions the client chooses to make based on this consultation/reading.
5. When engaging in a reading, you understand that Christi Murphy dose not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death.
6. 100% accuracy is strived for, but not guaranteed.

Payment policies
· Readings are scheduled and paid for in advance.
· Sessions can be cancelled 48 hours or more in advance with 100% refund.
· Any session cancelled 48 hours or less is subject to a 50% cancellation fee.
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