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Live Life in Color:  A Journey Through the Chakras
"Embrace Your Inner Self"

Oneness Center, 10845 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY 40299

3-Hour Workshop
Next date and time - TBD
(this workshop has been shortened in length from the full-day workshop)
Fee:  $40.00
To register:  deposit required
Form of Payment - accept cash or debit/credit

What Will I Learn?

•  What is a chakra?
•  Locate the 7 chakras in the body
•  Understand the basic functions, energies, and purpose of each chakra
•  Be able to diagnose whether a chakra is blocked, healthy, or blown open
•  Benefits of balancing your chakras
•  Understand the practical steps you need to take to balance your chakras

Intentions of Workshop
•  See life “energetically” - behind the eye
•  Work with energy  - empowerment through
•  Knowledge of
“releasing” - protection practices
•  Ability to view yourself/others with more
•  Learn how to live a fuller, more productive life


2/20/18 (re:  Living in Color: A Journey Through the Chakras")
"I absolutely loved this class!!!!! So informative and perfectly organized!!! Christi is easy to listen to and has real life experiences to share.
The variety of strategies presented have already been helpful. I can’t wait to see what else she has to share! Thank you! " Patti Frantz

(re:  Living in Color: A Journey Through the Chakras")
"Thank you! It was a great workshop! I have studied the chakras at workshops before, but never in such depth!
The resources you shared are wonderful! I admire your ease at presenting as well!!! It was a day well-spent for sure." Kyle Dreher

(re:  Living in Color: A Journey Through the Chakras")
"You did a great job with the program.  Very informative and easy translation.
One more thing that will help, guide and create the life path I'm on.  Thank you,"  Kenya Haynes
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the Awakened Soul classes

Payment in full for 4/14/18 class
Awakened Soul classes cover many topics, all of which will help you live life better!                                       Discussing angels, chakras, the awakening processes, crystal grids, meditation…and so much more - are my signature work and my professional joy.  I offer a conscious, creative and compassionate approach to learning.  Having traveled this road for many years, I have so much to share!  Please join us!
How will this class enhance my life?
Activate your intuition and your connection with your angels
Learn how to tune in energetically so you can improve the status of your life
Feel healthier, more balanced and confident by working with your chakras
Experience meditation to clear chakras
Discover crystals, how they can enhance your life, and how to manifest with them
Work with crystal grids to release, to attract, and to heal
Awaken your light body
Practical life tools to take with you
Ability to view yourself/others with more compassion

Each week is a different topic. Text or email for upcoming class content.
2nd Saturday of each month from 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.  $10.00
Christi Murphy / 502.645.6588 / /