Personalized Cake Toppers & Figurines

How long does it take to have a custom order created?
Custom orders take time. Creating a custom design may take a day to approximately a week depending on the detail of the design. I am normally working from a queue of orders so the turn around time may vary.  I do ask that you order at least 6 weeks before the event.  I strive to have your order to you no later than this time.

Before placing your order , please make sure you always check availability for your date , you can do so by sending me a quick message.

How many orders do you take per month?
Each month I have a number of 10 spaces available. 

What are your bridal cake toppers constructed with?
The toppers are made using polymer clay as prime material, porcelain clay for miscellaneous features, wire, varnish, and glue for durability.   Polymer clay is a non toxic clay and is safe for your cake. This is not a toy and because of the small parts it is not for little one. I use high quality polymer clay and secure them well, but to keep them forever you should handle them by care. You can wash them with warm water and pat them with napkin gently.  Your topper can be kept on display for many years to come after crowning your cake on the day of the event. 

What sort of payment is required to place an order?
Because my items are unique and personal to each customer, full payment will be required upfront to place and secure your order.  After the payment has been received and your order has been booked, I will send you a basic standard list of details to guide you.  After which time, you will fill out and return to me with any supplemental information pieces succh as pictures,  after when sending over the details / pictures, swatches of color, etc.

If possible, I prefer you send all details in one email.  But if not, no worries.  You will be given a start date when I will put your order in my queue.  You can send additional information up until that date.  But not after.  If there are any changes on the initial details that you sent me, please let me know in good time, and I am more than happy to adjust and change them to make sure the customization of your topper is accurate and up to date. I will try my very best to make sure that your experience with this custom order as well as the final product are the very best I can offer through both my service and my artistic skill .
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