About Me

My name is Christi Murphy, and my business is based in Louisville, KY.   I have been creating art in some form or fashion for most of my life.  There is always an element of surprise when you elevate or transform an item to have another purpose or where people will have a different appreciation of it . What a gift it is to see something from a different perspective and to help others do so as well.

If you knew me personally, you would undoubtedly know that I try to inspire others in all that I do.  What better way than through a symbol that celebrates "new beginnings, union, and birth" - the egg.  I hope you allow me to light a small part of your world with my gifts and are inspired that each new day is a new opportunity to recreate your life. 

What made you get into art?
I actually credit my mom with my early onset of talent. She decorated cakes, handcrafted wreaths, and was a wonderful cook.  Art comes in many forms, and she was a great role model for me.  My mom and dad were very supportive of all of my goals, and for that I am extremely thankful.  As a result, my eyes were opened up to many possibilities.  I love baking and decorating cakes.  I have actually done very well as a professional baker.  I learned to model fondant and clay, work meticulously with fine details, and create figures such as people and animals.  And I can honestly say I truly don't remember how I happened upon the art of carving egg shells, but I was captivated!  I remember saying to myself, "I can do that.  I do it all the time with my cakes - just with icing!" 

How does your baking background help with your art?
Baking is a very creative way of taking simple ingredients such as flour, water, oil, and eggs and putting it all together to create a timeless piece - a cake.  Often the centerpiece of a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding, graduation or baby shower.  It doesn't really matter the occasion.  It is a joining together of family and friends.  It's all about the details and the presentation.  I am still creating a beautiful piece of art with passion, commitment, and love.

What gives you inspiration for your art?
I am inspired by many things.  Nature, landscapes, paintings, and certainly images that I have in my head.  I put pencil to paper and draw it up first and make any changes I want.  But I allow the image to take a life of its own as I carve.  Sometimes I do what I think is a mistake, and it actually looks better than I had previously imagined.  I allow it to breathe and shape and form itself.

What is your favorite piece of art you have created?

I am still creating ideas in my head.  But I do think these beauties are my favorite so far. This lacy design looks so delicate but shows so much character. Keeping the shell in it’s natural state is stunning - like when “nature meets art!” But I will keep you posted on new and upcoming designs. They are “eggstraordinary” by the way!

  I would be honored to create a special keepsake especially for you!  I look forward to the possibility of being a part of your special moments.

About Me
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An egg is not just an egg.  "Art is about bending things most people see as a straight line."