Egg Artistry

I specialize in handcrafting meaningful and heartfelt gifts that mark special occasions, lift the human spirit, and celebrate milestones in your life.  As you read "The Symbology of an Egg", I hope you are inspired to look at life through new eyes and recognize that beauty comes in many forms. Allow these hand carved eggshells to encourage and inspire you to see more layers to your strength, beauty, and purpose.  Enjoy!

The Symbology of an Egg

The egg symbolizes new life, new beginnings, creation, and wholeness.  In some cultures, even luck, wealth, and health.  In Jewish tradition, it symbolizes promise.  In Christian tradition, resurrection, immortality, and the trinity.  To all, it symbolizes birth. 

So fragile is the egg, yet it maintains the strength to endure being carved into and chipped away at.  Had it not, transformation from what first appeared as an ordinary egg with only one purpose would have not seen its layers of beauty, meaning, creation, and depth that you now hold in your hand.

Whether you are celebrating a new you, a new life, the birth of a child, or a milestone such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary, I have one wish for you. 

Welcome the "egg-citement" of new beginnings as you discover the depth of your layers, the beauty of your soul, the strength of your spirit, and a renewal of your purpose.

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An egg is not just an egg.  "Art is about bending things most people see as a straight line."
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