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Handcrafted Egg Artistry
"Unique, original, and meaningul gift"


A lot of work goes into each handcrafted egg. 

I look for premium egg shells with the best smoothness and quality (crack-free).  I then pump in air with a special tool to empty egg of its contents.  I soak each egg in a soapy solution to clean thoroughly.   Once dry (usually 24 hours), I am ready to carve. 

I use a high powered drill created specifically to use on eggs to create fine detail.  I use some stencils to trace a design before I carve, but for the most part my work is freehand.  I then bleach the shells and coat with a break-resistant solution along with a clear top coat.  These eggs are "break resistant" - not break free.  These gifts are not meant for toddler-size hands (or pets) to play with. 

Designing Each Egg

Every egg is unrepeatable, handcrafted, and completely unique.  Most of my eggs are finished in their natural state - although some are painted for specific detail.  But for the most part, they are glazed with a protective coating for strength.

Each egg automatically comes with a decorative eye hook and ribbon tied in a bow.  Egg holders to display are not included with your purchase. To display, you can place atop a candlestick, in a decorative bowl or napkin ring, or into an egg holder you have purchased. 

Your purchase includes:

Decorative tin tied with a ribbon (no need to purchase gift box or bag)
Symbology of an Egg
Bubble wrap bag to place egg in for protection
Shredded paper for tin for additional protection
Sturdy shipping box (for Online Store)
FREE SHIPPING (for Online Store)


Each egg is carefully packed in a bubble wrap bag and carefully placed into a decorative metal tin.  The tin is then wrapped again prior to placing in shipping container.  I take all necessary measures so that your item comes to you fully intact and undamaged.  In stock items ship within 1 - 2 business days of your purchase.  If placing a special order item, you will receive item within 1 week (unless notified otherwise.) 

CASH & CARRY - sales tax included

(1) egg - $20.00
(2) eggs - $35.00 ($17.50/each) 


INCLUDES SHIPPING & decorative metal gift container for each egg!

(1) egg - $24.00
(2) eggs - $46.00 ($23.00/each)
(3) eggs - $66.00 ($22.00/each)
(4) eggs - $84.00 ($20.50/each)
(5) eggs - $95.00 ($19.00/each)

*Special pricing only applies to (1) order in above increments (for ONLINE STORE & FOR LOCAL FAIRS, FESTIVALS, & EVENTS - not several egg orders at different times. 

"Symbology of an Egg" included with each order

Handcrafted Gift for all Occasions

new baby
cancer support
gift for mom or grandma
housewarming gift
Christmas ornament
a special "thank you"

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An egg is not just an egg.  "Art is about bending things most people see as a straight line."

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Carved Egg Shell Art
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