How do you estimate prices for cake toppers?

Please find below a price guide for figurines and details you would like included in your design.  After you have checked for availability and all other inquiries regarding your chosen design and you are ready to order, I will provide you with an estimate.  If not adding anything special (additional subject such as kids/animals or no unusual requests), your price for single and couple figurines are a set price.  Price only increases as you add to the cake toppers/figurines.

Single Cake Topper/Figurine - $50.00

Couple Cake Topper/Figurine - $95.00

Includes all the personalization and customization of your design - hair color and design, eye color, and outfits.

Children added to Topper/Figurine - $10.00/each (depending on size )

The positioning of the figurines and their distribution on the base is up to you . Remember the item is 100% handmade, so there are many options to creating the piece to your specifications.  That being said, if you request something that will require a significant amount of time to create, the price may increase.  This is why it is so important for us to discuss in length what you want prior to submitting payment.  After all deails are gathered, your quote will reflect your finished product and shipping. 

Additonal Items/Hobbies - custom quote
Depends on item requested.

Small Animals added to Topper/Figurine - $6.00/each (depending on size ).  Custom quotes for animals larger than 2" - 3" in size.

Vehicles - $40.00/each
Car, bicycle, motorbike, tank, boat, etc.

**If your design is more complex and includes things that don't fit in the above categories, please let me know what you have in mind.
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